Time to shake things up.
After many months of debating, focus group meetings and meditation sessions we have decided that it’s time to shake things up for us personally and for LEMUR. We have dedicated more than 5 years into building our design studio and brand and are so happy for all the things that living in Denmark has brought us but we are now ready for this next chapter in Porto, Portugal!🇵🇹⠀

As you might know, LEMUR has always been a half danish half Portuguese studio. When it comes to our relationship with our followers and costumers, not much should change except for the fact that we will be more active sharing behind the scenes of our new adventure. We also want to take full advantage of the Portuguese craftsmanship and production know-how. We have always been advocates of keeping the production close to us as much as possible. This is the reason why we have kept it in-house for more than 5 years. Having said that we do feel that, in order to grow, we need to find great partners that can take over production and allow us to focus on the design of exciting products.⠀

Hope you will be glad to join us on this new journey that will for sure bring you new and inspiring designs.
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