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Compact & Organized.

Made from a single piece of high quality vegetable tanned leather. The KEYFOLDER is perfect for holding all your keys, organized in two separate stacks. Its size fits your hand becoming a comfortable handle when using the keys.

Premium vegetable tanned leather.
Super-flat stainless steel caps with long-lasting brass underparts.

The screws have a diameter of around 2,9 mm which fits practically every key.

Can hold up to 8 keys depending on their thickness.


Home keys on one side and office keys on the other ? Feel free to organize your Keyfolder as you wish so you always know where each key is, easy to reach for.

Comfortable Handle

Carefully designed so its size fits your hand allowing you to hold your keys with more comfort and ease of use.

Car key ?

Attach any odd-shaped keys from the outside of the Keyfolder so all keys are in the same place all the time.

a few words from our costumers:


I have two sets of the key holder, one of my private keys and one for my office keys. The old days of scratching big keyrings in my bag are over, using it since 2018 and I am obsessed with it.


All I ever wanted. It keeps my phone and pockets clear from getting any scratches!


An inexplicably compact, yet useful keychain! Couldn't live without it!

Rasmus Nielsen