Why FOLD ?

From packaging to usable product, our goal was to provide a complete experience of discovery. 

A leather wallet is made of leather right ? Look closely. In fact a leather wallet is made of different pieces of leather stitched and glued together. But why ? This was the question we wanted to address with this collection.

Both KEYFOLDER and WALLET are sold flat between two layers of cardboard only.

The Perfect Gift

"What is it ?" you might ask when you see it. It's so rewarding to see the look on people's faces when they discover our products. No one expects it to be a Wallet or a Keyholder but once they do, they love it. 

The instructions are simple and the process brings people closer to the product. Vegetable tanned leather is such a remarkable material to work with and it's inherent organic characteristics make it easy to manipulate but still strong enough to hold its shape.


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