MAT 2.0 - Recycled

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NEW VERSION! MAT 2.0 features a new improved top surface that is far more compatible with all kinds of mouses, easier to clean and maintain.

With a smooth matte top surface ideal for your mouse and a grippy bottom surface that provides stability on most table tops.

MAT is shipped rolled up except for the Mouse size. It will take a couple of days to settle and flatten out completely but it can be used right away. We do not recommend trying to roll it the opposite way to make it flat, simply let the MAT settle down on its own.

Recycled leather with a matte top surface.

Grey finish is water resistant.
Black finish is water and coffee resistant.

Made in Portugal

We offer Lifetime Warranty on the hardware of all our products. If it breaks we will fix it, forever.

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Super thin profile.

We wanted a Mat that could feel like an
integral part of your table top.

We have always disliked bulky mats as we believe elegance is key for a pleasant work environment.

Our Mats are 1,2 mm thick.

Double layered

Because our recycled leather is made out of leather waste mixed with natural rubber all shredded in small pieces, the result is a rougher surface which is perfect for keeping the mat in place.

Then, on the top of the mat, a much finner mix of the same components is applied just enough to cover the surface and barely adding any extra thickness to it.

No Visual Noise

No unnecessary details and
no extra functions.

A simple, clean and quiet platform for work that won’t distract you from what's important.