WALLET - Caramel Premium Leather

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As simple as it is functional.

WALLET represents the full spirit of the FOLD collection. With two openings, it handles cards, bills and even coins. Have your most used cards in the front and a multi-functional pocket for more cards, bills and coins. Access the coins by letting them slide down the back opening.

Premium vegetable tanned leather.
Super-flat stainless steel caps with long-lasting brass underparts.

Can fit up to 12 cards. With time and use the leather will soften and allow more cards to be added if needed.

Measurements: 10 x 7 cm

As simple as 1, 2, 3... 4!

No better way to get to know your new wallet as getting the chance to see its ins and outs. Unpacking the FOLD Wallet is a memorable experience for you or a loved one.

2 buttons, that's it.

This also allows the wallet to adapt to whichever amount of cards, bills or coins you need to store. Once the leather softens it will be able to store more.

Don't need that much ?
No worries, the leather folds will flatten and maintain a thin profile.

All in the details.

To maintain the leather's integrity, all products have reinforced edges.

Why does it matter ?
Well, with use and abuse, leather edges may start to peel and deteriorate. That's why this is a crucial detail of our FOLD collection. This way all products will look good and stay strong forever.

a few words from our costumers:


"The quality is amazing and so is the design. It's one of those products you have to hold in your hands to truly appreciate as the images online don't do it justice! Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

Eldred Mascarenhas

"It's small and simple and feels amazing on my hands. It's sleek and well done. I'm so glad I ordered one. Very impressed."

Cee Rose

"The beautiful minimalistic design is just a cherry on top. It’s a unique design piece really made with love for the craftsmanship and esthetics, that hits this sweet spot of modern design with a soul."


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