Travel WALLET - Artichoke Green Recycled Leather

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The Travel WALLET has three sections ready for your cards, passport, bills and documents.


1. Place your cards in the front slots. A passport fits snug in the middle sleeve as well as a small notebook. Bills, receipts and other odd-shaped documents can be placed in the big pocket.

2. Place the card you use the most on top of the lower stack. This way you can access it easily through the back opening without exposing your other belongings.

Recycled leather with a matte surface.
Super-flat stainless steel caps with long-lasting brass underparts.

Can fit 8+ cards, one or two passports, multiple bills and other odd-shaped documents.

Measurements: 13 x 9,5 cm


Carry your travel essentials in a compact passport sized thin profile.

Fits men's jeans pockets (front and back), jacket pockets and even most shirt's pockets. Slides into women's bags without taking over valuable real estate. ;)

All in.

It's all about those odd-shaped essentials when on the go.

Have a weird sized ID, a bunch of receipts or other documents that can't fit in a card holder ? This is the wallet for you.

Recycled & Recyclable.

Made from vegetable tanned leather waste transformed into a new strong and flexible material. Recycled leather shares many of the same attributes of vegetable tanned leather but with a harder surface against scratches and is easier to clean.